A rainbow painted onto a sheet and hung on a hedge

From the Anonymous Volunteer

I’ve had a nice day out today. Another lovely spring day so driving around doing errands didn’t seem like a chore at all, more like an opportunity to see more of the countryside which is changing so quickly at the moment. 

My first job was to pick up two different prescriptions, one from Lloyds where there was a queue all the way down the ramp and around the corner. But people were being patient and not complaining, some were chatting in the sunshine just like we do all the time and nobody seemed bothered that I was hidden behind a mask and sunglasses, which I thought was kinda creepy but right now, anything goes.

Then I picked up my own prescription from Adrian Thomas’ pharmacy, where I was lucky to get there just as they were opening after lunch. I took a picture of their green rainbow and couldn’t help asking for a photo from this cheerful employee, wearing a matching green rainbow.

The green rainbow of Adrian Thomas' Pharmacy

Next, I had my first experience of picking up a parcel from the food bank, which is tucked away in a sheltered location around the back of Lampeter.

I can only imagine how busy they are at the moment but the two lovely ladies were ready and waiting for me and happy to go through the contents of the parcel so I knew what else I needed to buy. They were really kind and even found some dog food to add to the parcel. Finally, they gave me this nice thumbs-up photo opportunity. 


Carolyn and Tash practising social distancing whilst feeding hungry people. It's one of the most important volunteering jobs there is. I give a thumbs up to them too.

Next, I went to Sainsbury’s to pick up a few more items for the elderly gentleman who was getting the food parcel, along with a small list from my neighbours who are also being shielded as both have serious lung conditions. They have been very kind to me over the years and finally they are, albeit grudgingly, allowing me to give back a little. 

The queue was around the corner and up towards the High Street, but nobody seems to mind these new ways of doing things - what choice do we have? I was talking to a lady in the queue before me about the different ways the two supermarkets in town are handling things. Sainsbury’s has a strict numbers policy and only so many people are allowed in, with a member of staff in the door to enforce it. But the Co-op has nothing like that, no queue and nobody seeming to be paying attention to numbers, yet it’s very quiet in there and there’s a one-way policy. But since we are all still adjusting to the new layout people are not managing it very well. In Sainsbury’s I can show my Nectar card to an electronic reader, but in the Co-op, I have to hand over the card - surely the barcodes could be read? 

Meanwhile, with the shopping on board I set off into the country lanes to deliver the food parcel. I  spotted many more rainbows in windows as I drove through the villages, I wish I could have stopped and taken pictures of all of them. But there was this one pinned to a hedge that I did stop and get a picture of.

A rainbow painted onto a sheet and hung on a hedge

The recipient of the food parcel was waiting for me with a wheelbarrow, we had a nice chat at a safe distance. 

I feel grateful that I can help one person in this way but I know there are many more out there that may be approaching serious hunger. Pensioners who previously relied on free bus travel to get to Aberystwyth and do a big shop at Lidl where they get more for their small amount of money could be in serious trouble by now unless they have neighbours who can help. 

We’re not all on the Internet, and even those of us who are, can’t all get supermarket delivery slots because the demand is just so high. I want everyone to think hard about who they know that might be reaching the end of their stores of food by now. 

Apparently, the Lampeter Coronavirus Support Group have more volunteers listed than people needing help. So now is the time to get people signed up for help, because the volunteers are ready and waiting. Not everyone needs a food bank parcel, some may just need you to do a shop for them or collect a prescription. Don’t let anyone be a victim of neglect, please?

I came back through Lampeter and did a swift round in the Co-op for my own shopping, and yes, I was covered from eyes to chin, all day long. 

The next day I had a delivery to make which meant I was able to take a different route home and saw some great rainbows through Cellan and Llanfair. All the rainbow pictures of rainbows have been handed over to this website to show them off on the front page.

I stopped at a house in Llanfair where I could see that there were some lovely pictures in the window. The family were outside in the sunshine, Mum was hanging washing and the children and dogs were running around happily. I asked if I could take a picture and just as I went to snap it a teddy bear went flying through the air and ended up in the picture. Look out for the little fellow with his own unique rainbow - he's on the home page with his mum.


From the website team

If your children have made a rainbow you can send them in and they will be put on the front page.  Please send in landscape images or images that can be cropped down to landscape. 1200px wide is best but if yours is over that, no problem, we can fix it, just send them in.


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