A rainbow created by spray from a hose with the sun behind - it's a rainbow

How not to take pictures of rainbows

The rainbow pictures you see on the front page of the website are either taken by me or they have been sent in from community members. There is a bit of variation in quality but that's no big deal.  

Yesterday I was driving along Bryn Road and saw several rainbow themed pictures that I really wanted to capture and as I was circling around via Bryn yr Eglwys I saw a few more. Unfortunately the images I captured were all pretty much terrible.  

This is because I was jumping out of the car and trying to get as close as possible without actually going inside anyone's boundaries, so as a result, I was too far away and the reflections on the glass on such a sunny day made them even worse.

This is a big rainbow, there are clouds at either end, there is a large text across it reading Thank You Frontline workers. The sun is shining in from the top left corner. There is a reflection of the photographer in the window Unfortunately this picture is not a good one

Look how terrible this is - I tried to get as close as I could, leaning over the wall without touching anything, but as you can see, this was not very successful.

So, residents of Bryn Road, Bryn yr Eglws and other parts of Lampeter and its outlying villages, get your cameras out and start taking pictures of your local rainbows

If you are about to put one up in your own window, take a picture of it first, then you’ll be close enough and there won’t be any reflections. 

Please send your images, either by old-school email attachment to help@lampetersupport.org or email a link to you image if it's already online somewhere that I can download it from.

Or you could use Facebook Messenger to track me down - it's not hard to find me. Or post it on the Facebook group- and tag me in

Rachel Stelmach

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