Zsuzsanna and Family

We've been hearing from Zsuzsanna,  who lives in Lampeter, and is homeschooling her 3 kids whilst also being a key worker, working in a garage in Felinfach; her partner is a key worker too. It sounded like she's got a lot on her plate so we asked her how she's coping, this is what she told us.. 

  No it’s not easy, I have 3 kids - 8, 5 and 4 years old. We are staying home, go for a walk once a week. Before Covid19 I've been working only on Saturdays and Sundays. Now I'm working 5-6 days a week cause of staff shortage. 

We do the homeschooling on the morning, my partner comes home from work around 3, give me the carkeys and I go to work usually till 9. 

It’s upsetting that people still don't get it. Groups of people coming in shopping together, young people sitting in the car, four of them and coming into the shop to buy beer. We risk a lot to keep the thing going and they’re still acting like it’s not a serious thing. 

  It’s also hard for the kids. My little girl cried the other day because she wants to go to school. They miss their friends, their teachers. And not able to go anywhere but the garden. They get bored. They also don't see me as a teacher (why would they?). But they’re doing briliantly. It’s a challenge for all of us.

  My oldest one has coeliac disease, soon I have to stock up with his food which I usually do once a month in Carmarthen. I'm not sure if the police will not stop me if I drive to Tesco as I can't get everything he needs in Lampeter. No delivery slots, so soon I have to try it. It’s very worrying.

A few days later we heard from Zsuzsanna again. 

  Hi, thought I’d share our day today. It's a nice day and we both have a day off which is rare these days. So we took the kids for a walk at Long wood this morning. 

We went early to make sure we won't meet anyone. We only saw one man on our way who was working in the woods. On our way back we saw a couple of others who were going there but it's quite steep so not a busy place. 

This was the second time when we took the kids out since the lockdown. As they might cancel the going out for exercise thing as well, we tried to make the most of it. We skipped homeschooling for today, I told them they can have a day off (my partner asked me if it’s really for them or more like for me 😅).

I went to Sainsbury's after. I'm glad to see they’re doing everything to keep safe. They don't let couples shopping, I saw one couple was asked only one adult per shopping. They didn't look happy but this is how it should happen in every shop ‘cause people still don't understand. There was a queue but I got in quite soon, they took me out from the queue because I was using smart shop. One more day off, then back to work. I just hope we can do something like that, families still come shopping together.

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Have you got any stories to tell about how you and your family have been coping with lockdown. Have you been homeschooling too? Share your children's pictures - with their permission of course. Did you have a lovely tidy up in the garden and now you want to show us how the before and after pictures -help@lampetersupport.org

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